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Although the pilot I shot in December  (with Jennie Garth, John O’Hurley, and Rachel Cannon) was not picked up by ABC Family (BOO!!!!) you can still watch it on the web at  (YEAH!!!)

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"Cast of Village People"

My amazing cast

 I am still smiling from such a terrific week at Sunset Gower Studios on the set of Village People last week. This was my first time shooting a multi-camera show – which means live with a studio audience – and it was so much fun!  Everything about this experience was terrific – the script was great (written by the wonderful Meg DeLoatch), the director was fantastic, everyone in the cast was so crazy talented and so fun to be around, the sets were gorgeous, and I got to do what I love best!    "Eric and Ione"

After Ione’s boyfriend (Eric, played by Chase Ellison) breaks-up with her in the hospital, Ione decides to give her baby to Alexa (Jennie Garth), who ends up adopting not only Ione’s baby, but takes  in Ione, too!  The story is funny with plenty of aawww moments and it seemed like the studio audience really liked it.  The pilot was directed by the uber-talented Jamie Widdoes, who brought with him his wonderful crew from Two and a Half Men.  Filming live with a studio audience is so much fun, especially with my family and so many friends in the audience to support me.  Because this was a pilot, there were also lots of writers, producers and network executives there to watch the taping so the set was full of energy which made an already great night even better.  I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming.   

 For my character, Ione, it seems like things are turning out great however, for many real foster kids, things aren’t so great.  Not everyone is lucky enough to have an Alexa Landon rescue them.  Even when foster kids do end up in wonderful loving homes, the transition is difficult and painful.  That’s why Bags4Kids is such an amazing charity.  Headed by the loving LaJuana Moser, this non profit organization brings comfort and love to children who feel alone and scared.  Especially now at the holidays, they need help more than ever so check out their website and find out how you can make a difference.       OH! and I have a twitter now – so follow me @sadiecalvano I hope to have more exciting news to share soon but for now, its back to reality – and its finals weeks – so, I better go crack the books.

11-11-11 was a BIG day – a HUGE day… J. EDGAR opened nationwide (my first feature film) and I was cast in the new abc family pilot, VILLAGE PEOPLE, starring Jennie Garth (WOOT-WOOT!).  The show is sort of like Juno meets Parenthood.  My character, Ione, is a 15 year old kid who is in foster care because her parents robbed a jewelry store and went to prison.  Remarkably, Ione is relatively undamaged by all this drama, and is smart, funny, thoughtful and articulate…oh, there is one small problem though…  I am seven months pregnant.  In the show!  Again, like the smoking thing – this is my character – not ME.  Anyway, Ione is stupid enough to get pregnant but smart enough to know she can’t raise a child, so she finds someone, Alexa (Jennie Garth), to adopt the baby.  The script is super funny and I cannot wait to meet the rest of the cast and start working on it!

It is also super cool because for the past couple of years I have been involved with this charity called BAGS 4 KIDS that puts together comfort packs of stuff to help foster kids feel less scared and alone when they are taken into the system. So, playing a foster kid who puts her baby up for adoption will hopefully give me a chance to raise awareness about how people (like YOU!) can help make a difference in a foster kids life.  You can learn more about how you can get involved at  Check it out!