OMG! Can you believe it? What is it about me that this is the second role in which I have been cast to play a pregnant teenager?!!  Trust me when I tell you that in real life that is a part I would NEVER play!

With Allison Janney and Anna Faris, reading a pee stick

With Allison Janney and Anna Faris, reading a pee stick

Have you been watching MOM? (Shameless plug inserted here)  MOM airs on CBS every Monday at 9:30/8:30c and it’s really funny – so watch it!

When I found out the show got picked up I seriously could not have been more excited! (which is pretty much how I still feel almost every morning when I arrive at Warner Brothers Studio for work).   The whole thing is seriously unbelievable.

After we shot the pilot, I shot another episode of Melissa and Joey and then went back to school.  It was May and I was sitting in Coffee Bean having a drink with my friend before yoga when my cell phone rings and it is CHUCK LORRE!!  calling to tell me to go celebrate and have fun because MOM was going to series and we would start shooting at the end of July! So, I totally freak out for like ten minutes and then I go to Yoga and after that life goes on as normal.  I finshed my sophmore year at LACHSA, I went to Stagedoor Manor (theater camp), and did what I usually would do during the summer.

When I would tell people about the show, I almost felt like I was lying because it was too crazy to be real. Only it was real!! But it didn’t start to feel real for several months (and even now, only sometimes).

On July 29th I reported to work with the rest of the cast and met the crew, and my new set teacher.  Now, when I am not working on set, I am usually in my school trailer studying.  Working full time and going to school is a lot of work but, needless to say, totally worth it!   It does mean that I have to be extra diligent about managing my time and I have to sacrifice a lot socially, but it also means I get to do what I love most in the world and lucky for me, I get to do it with the best of the best!

As for  Violet’s teenage pregnancy, just like you I have no idea where the writers and producers are going with the story line.  I know a little bit more than you because we are filming the 8th episode this week and airring the third episode – but other than that – just like you, I AM DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!! What do you think?

This is basically how the show works:  MOM is taped in front of a live studio audience on Friday night (if you are going to be in the LA area you can get tickets at  Late that night, after we wrap, we usually get next week’s script.  Then on Monday morning we have what is called a Table Read.  At the table read, the cast reads the script with the director (at a big table thus, the  name) for the writers, producers, and network executives.  The writers and producers take notes and then they go back and re-write the parts of the script that they think they can improve.   Every day we rehearse and then the writers and producers watch a runthrough of the show and take notes.   Every night we get a new script with new changes and edits, and the episode gets funnier and tighter every day.  Even on Friday night, in front of our live studio audience, the writers and producers are still watching and taking notes and writing new lines for us to try right on the spot!  So far, Violet is definitely pregos but it is still early and anything could happen.

Will Violet actually give birth to a baby? I have no idea.  But, I’ll tell you a little secret… I recently became a teenage mom in real life and it was the best decision ever!  I just adopted an adorable two year old little boy named Benji and I love him more than anything!!  Here he is doing homework with me in my room…


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

But seriously… to any teenagers that are watching the show and reading my blog, I just want to say that on MOM, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse are hysterically funny, but in real life they are no joke.  While Violet (my character) is doing drugs, drinking and being sexually active, Sadie the person is busy learning lines, rehearsing, studying, going to acting class, yoga class, doing homework, and working on planning a fundraiser for  The only TV show that Violet would probably ever be on would be Jerry Springer and that is not really what I had in mind for my career! LOL!  So, if you are a teenager and you really want to be a mom, my advice is to go rescue a dog!!

Guess that’s all I got.  Hope you are watching the show and cracking up.   If you missed it, or forgot to set the DVR,  you can watch it online now at   so NO EXCUSES!  Go check it out.

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