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Although the pilot I shot in December  (with Jennie Garth, John O’Hurley, and Rachel Cannon) was not picked up by ABC Family (BOO!!!!) you can still watch it on the web at  (YEAH!!!)

If you like it, tweet me at @sadiecalvano and let me know!!


“Where did you get the idea that you aren’t allowed to petition the universe with prayer? You are part of this universe…You’re a constituent—you let your feelings be known.  So put your opinion out there.  Make your case.  Believe me—it will at least be taken into consideration.”

— from Eat Pray Love

I got this idea from my mother who was reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s, “Eat, Pray, Love.” She must have told me about this part of the book a hundred times. So, this is an experiment. It is my official Petition to God asking to please provide me with creative opportunities that are right for me, and to give me the chances I need to realize my dreams and determine my destiny.  I want this more than air. I am putting it out there!   Here is my petition…

 To all the good forces that exist in this Universe: I and most everyone who knows me already believes that acting is my destiny and something I was born to do.  I love to act and to have my work, like all true art, move those who witness it.  Thus, I am asking the universe to please create for me the opportunities and vehicles I need to grow and flourish as an artist and to inspire and affect my audience. 

 I humbly implore God, the cosmos, divine grace and/or whatever influences our universe to help me to attract these opportunities into my life and give me the strength and guidance to actualize my dreams and I, in return, vow to search my soul and give the most honest and dimensional performances possible, to be kind and generous and to live my life so to be deserving of these opportunities. 

 Thank you for your consideration.



 In Eat, Pray, Love, Gilbert lists all the people she thinks would sign her petition and I do this, too.  However, since this is a blog, I ask you to please “like” my petition…maybe even leave a comment.  Please help me to summon the energy of the universe and the magical powers of the collective consciousness to open new doors in my life so that I may live my dream.

 Thank you, all, in advance, for your support and love! Your karma shall be repaid!

 “Destiny, I feel, is also a relationship – a play between divine grace and willful self-effort. Half of it you have no control over; half of it is absolutely in your hands, and your actions will show measurable consequences.”

—Eat Pray Love

 I am working on my half and petitioning for some divine grace! I am ready – bring on the consequences!